Multi-Unit Casual Dining Restaurant


Identify key customer segments based on under/over performing locations

This tenant introduced a new brand and menu offerings into a region
that was unfamiliar with their dining concept. On paper, the location that
should have been “home runs” were delivering mediocre results and the best
performing location was projected to be only mediocre. As a result, the
brand was having difficulty understanding the results of a market rollout.


Earthvision conducted a cellular intercept study on all
locations to identify customers, trade areas, and key psychographics
on a patron-specific level.
While a standard “demographic” report
indicated that there was a broad mix of the desired customers in the
trade area, our intercept revealed that the most desirable customer
segment for the chain was visiting this high performing location 2.5x more
 frequently than the other locations. The intercept analysis also showed
that the other locations, which were predicted to perform stronger, were
not being frequented by customers the brand considers “core”.


Based on the intercept analysis, the client adjusted their rollout
strategy and targeted customer segments, and opened locations
that better fit the regional customer behavior.





National Home Furnishings Retailer


Expand an internal research toolset without incurring
additional data licenses or salary costs.


Earthvision was selected to provide a specific research service,
functioning as an “in-sourced” solution provider for the retailer.

By enabling this retailer to expand their insight into existing and
future markets, the speed of decision-making increased and the
retailer is making far more informed decisions.


Much improved decision-making for 30% less than the cost
to implement internally through traditional channels.





Startup Retail Brokerage


Build a turn-key research, mapping, and analytics capability
with $0 capital investment.
This client recently left a nationally-recognized
brokerage company and was in need of a service to generate property
marketing and tenant research material on the same scale, but without
a costly up-front investment.


Earthvision provided a turn-key service for aerial mapping,
demographic analysis, and flyer creation.
Earthvision’s “pay-for-use”
business model enabled the client to avoid the typical investment
in data, software, hardware, and salaries.


Brokerage was able to provide leading-edge services
to their clients, with $0 capital investment.





Build-to-Suit Retail Developer


Identify trade areas for future expansion.
This developer had a
successful track record of developing high performing sites for their retail tenant. 
However, as the market began to build-out and become more saturated,
the number of “no brainer” locations rapidly decreased. Further compounding
the problem,the retailer did not have a system for collecting and
analyzing customer data, effectively saying “we don’t know
who our customer is.”


Earthvision conducted a customer analysis to identify where
a sampling of customers resided, identified the core customer
demographics, delineated the trade areas for each location, and then
identified pockets of core customer segments that were
currently not being served by a location.


The analysis yielded the potential for 40% growth
in the number of locations.





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