What is it?


The Commercial Property List is a broker-to-broker, e-mail-based marketing system that allows you to easily send and receive communication regarding available commercial properties.

A base subscription gives you access to all markets in Texas, and you can manage the communication you receive by both asset class (retail, office, etc) and geographic market.


How it works:

1) Send an email to that includes:
        a. A description of your property
        b. Links to relevant information (if applicable)
        c. An attachment (flyer, etc)
2) Include hash tags (see below) in the subject line for the asset type and geography.
3) Your message will be sent to the list of subscribers.


Why Hash Tags

Hash tags allow us to easily categorize users’ property listings. In turn, this allows you to send messages to relevant recipients, and it allows you the ability to choose which listings you want to receive.          

Current hash tags include a combination of one geography and one asset class:

     • Geography: aus, dfw, hou, sa, texas (for all other markets)
     • Current Asset Types:  retail, office, industrial, land, flex, and medical

For example, a broker that would only like to receive communication for Retail in Austin would simply follow the #ausretail tag. They would then receive all emails with the #ausretail tag.

Each user can follow as many or as few tags as they want.  


How much does it cost?

All accounts will be FREE until Aug 1.  At that time, continuing the service will run $49 per email account.

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