About Us

Since 2007, retailers, landlords, brokers, lenders, and municipalities have turned to Earthvision for the insight, technology, and expertise to generate, support, and close retail real estate transactions.

Earthvision has a different vision for our industry.

Our goal is to build and expand a simplified “pay-as-you-go” service model that
exceeds what a traditional, in-house operation can provide and eliminates the overhead.
Enabling our team members to react and respond to our clients’ specific needs,
Earthvision has successfully built a disruptive business model that delivers
a better product with a higher level of service, than what is
common within a traditional real estate firm.

We are constantly driving to improve, innovate and challenge new frontiers.

While typical companies offer a fixed set of deliverables, we employ a flexible toolbox of
software, data, and processes that allow us to rapidly respond to the ever-changing demands
of the real estate industry. We leverage technology, data—demographics, customer intercepts,
aerials, retail, segmentation—GIS mapping, and analytics to generate, support, and
ultimately close retail real estate transactions. When you work with Earthvision, there are
no upfront costs, software to buy, or data to license.  You only pay for what you use.

If you are a landlord, lender, broker, retailer, or municipality, we have the ability and capacity
to meet and exceed your expectations. We truly believe that our client-focused, value-based
approach, combined with a “can-do” attitude to meeting our clients’ needs, are the
key ingredients to our success… and yours.