The New Look Into Consumer Behavior

We build and analyze trade areas and customers with smart device data.

Use customer intercepts based on smart device usage to build a better understanding of your customers, competitors, retail trade areas, and more. Smart device usage is more accurate than loyalty data, more granular than zip code data, and a more cost-effective solution.

We pair our proprietary collection database with our best-in-class modeling capabilities to deliver actionable consumer behavior information:

• Define and analyze existing and future trade areas

• Associate demographic and psychographic data to understand your customer’s lifestyle profile

• Understand which consumers are visiting your competitors’ locations

• Pinpoint consumers’ travel routes to and from your location

• Identify potential future markets based on your existing customer’s lifestyle profile

Discover shopping patterns of your competitor’s customers
Psychographically profile your customers
Understand the regional strength of a shopping center
Define trade areas by daypart


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